Powering Industries with leading innovative products

Delivering Excellence with Leading Business Products

AUK Computing with its experienced team in hardware, software and build strives to understand the diverse requirements of the customers and deliver the right products that best suits them


AUK Computing offers “Adoptive, Innovative and Power Edge Server” solutions for continuous innovation and enhancements in order to improve performance and efficiency, lower total cost of the ownership and focus on acceleration. AUK Rack Servers and Tower Mount Servers are with its latest technologies and focused on specialized computing needs.

Work Stations

AUK Computing designs precision work stations that handle the most demanding industry applications. Our Tower Mount workstations and Rack workstations offer optimized performance and reliability to realize the industry ideas with greater performance and user experience.


AUK Storage Solutions are consistent with user experience regardless of where the data is created, used and stored. Be it on-premise or cloud-based, our storage solutions help maintain operational consistency along with common management tools across the entire e-cloud systems.

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