Terms and conditions

Auk Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions

Any claim made under the standard Auk warranty must include a copy of a valid proof of purchase showing the date and place of purchase.

  • Our obligation under this warranty is to the original purchaser only, and not to the person / Company transferred.
  • Auk reserves the right to examine product in question and its installation prior to replacement.
  • If an identical replacement product is not available, Auk reserves the right to replace the defective product with a similar product.

This warranty relates to defects in manufacture, materials or workmanship in Auk supplied systems It does not extend to:

  • Damage resulting from failure to maintain the product
  • Normal wear and tear, scratches or accidental damage.
  • Failure or damage resulting from misuse, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges.
  • Faults arising from improper use/ Maintenance ¬†and/or installation of third-party products without Auk consent.
  • Loss of data
  • Any software or apps that were preinstalled on the computer
    Damage caused by attempts at self-repair or a non-authorized service provider
  • Failure of, or damage caused by, any third-party products
  • Products or parts with an altered or missing identification label

Component damage not covered by warranty

  • Damage to the system board, solid-state drive (SSD), hard drive (HDD), liquid-crystal display (LCD) panel, cover, bezel, hinge, external ports, keyboard, touchpad, Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)/AC adapter, or optical disc drive (ODD), Rail Kit
  • Internal components physically damaged by the customer
  • Corroded internal components
  • Damage to DIMM or RAM sockets
  • Damage to component serial numbers
  • Damage to pins


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