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Delivering Solutions across Industry Verticals

AUK Computing offers comprehensive customized solutions and services as per the requirement of the end-users. Our IS0 certified build facility caters to every single customer need and help in our efforts to deliver the best.


We offer solutions for Al/ML servers and workstation, data-intensive workloads for training and inferencing. Data science workstations are built to provide best performance and are scalable as your business needs grow. Al appliances with all the required software and libraries are preloaded to just power on and you are ready to go.

High Performance Computing

With rich experience in the field of designing latest Server solutions, Workstations and Storages, we offer solutions in High Performance Computing. We choose qualified and certified products, which is best suited for customer requirements. We offer both open source and commercial cluster management software with various other tools.

AUK Cloud

We offer wide range of Storage solutions that are best suited for latest industry requirements with demand for data growing every day, we offer customized and cost-effective Storage solutions including SAN/NAS/ISCSI/FC etc. with both open source and commercial software.

Unified Storages

We strongly believe that investing in hardware is crucial for an organization’s interface safety. Therefore our policy is to test the finest hardware products from leading companies on a regular basis. Our hardware engineers analyze customer needs and environment and propose the best, most valuable hardware infrastructure. Our professional team of engineers ensure sophisticated installation, configuration and functionality.

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